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VirtualDub Statsfile Not Found LINK

Hello everybody, Recently, I am trying to find a good way to record games and I found out MSI Afterburner is what I want. It has support for x264vfw and I found out a nice compression size with good quality. But my problem, video is freezing and speeds changing while recorded. It's not due to hardware resources. Please take a look at my recorded video. I am also uploaded my current settings so could you please tell me which settings do I need to change? Current Settings:

VirtualDub statsfile not found


Yes, you just need to burn both the CamStudio Movie Player 2.0 and your AVI file to the CD-ROM. You may want to create an additional batch file (e.g playfile.bat) with a text editor with the commandplayplus.exe avi_filename.avi( playplus.exe is the name for CamStudio Player 2.0, and it can be found in the installed directory of CamStudio )

Use the default installation settings for the other options.The reason to why Haali has to be unselected is because we have found out that it does not work very well when used to serve direct audio with file formats such as MP4.Tests has confirmed however that LAV splitter works better.Complete the rest of the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack installation by clicking Next.


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