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Download Revolt Cars and Join the Fun: Online Events, Challenges, and Tournaments

RVGL is a modern, cross-platform re-write of Re-Volt, and it's the version of the game used by our community. You can download RVGL (including soundtrack as well as tons of cars and tracks) on this website. If you already have a copy of the game, the latest update patch is provided on the RVGL website.

How to raceHere you can find out how to play Re-Volt online. The online schedule lists all upcoming races and special events, and information about them: Allowed cars, tracks, who's hosting, etc.

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Join DiscordThe several Re-Volt Discord servers are a very active place to talk to other Re-Volters. Most servers have channels for online racing, custom cars and tracks and general conversations. Click the image below to find the list of Discord servers.

Re-Volt is a very extensible and moddable game. Getting your ideas in the game isn't hard: Cars and tracks are made of simple 3D models and some textures. The tool most people use is Blender, a free 3D modeling tool. You can learn how to create your own cars and tracks here.

The game has been around for nearly 20 years. Within that time, many cars, tracks and even new frontends have been created by people from the community. You can install thousands of additional cars and tracks!

Did you like Ignition? Then you will also know the game Re-Volt. It is a cult game that has also come to mobile devices for iOS and Android. Just like Ignition, this game is similar that you are driving small-cars. Although the graphics is not anything special for the time when Re-Volt came out, you will definitely enjoy this game for a fairly long time. You can choose between racing against other computer-controlled cars, driving on time and other race options. At the race, you have the option of taking a bonus - a flash that gives you to a weapon to help you beat the opponents. Weapons are quite a diverse, for example: bomb, which automatically target the opponent, the spade ball you throw behind you, the oil splatter and many more. It is these elements that bring the right amount of fun into the game, and especially in multiplayer you will enjoy a lot of stressful moments. In addition to choosing a lot of cars you can compete on many different maps, where each has its own theme and brings something new to the races (Toy Store, Titanic, Street,...). Every car has of course its specific features such as speed, acceleration, control and so you have to choose a car well with regard to the map on which you are going to fly. The Re-Volt game will certainly give you a lot of fun even today for long nights.

The premise of the game involves racing radio-controlled cars around environments like museums, steamships, construction sites and supermarkets. During a race the cars can collect random weapons to use to displace competitors. Cars and tracks were both unlocked through success in the game's tournament modes.

In October 1999, Acclaim Entertainment released the Re-Volt Car Editor which allowed players to export and edit, or create new cars for the PC version using 3D studio.[7] The editor was simply discovered in the Acclaim Studios London office and as such was released as an unapproved and unsupported piece of code.[8]

While new players may experience a significant learning curve, the community remains active with records of fastest laps and new courses and cars still being added. The fan-base have gone on to maintain the PC version with alpha and beta updates.[22][23] The game was also ported by the fan community to multiple platforms such as Linux, macOS, Android, ODROID,[24] and OpenPandora based on the available source code.[25][23]

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Nick McElveen of Computer Games Strategy Plus gave the PC version four stars out of five, saying, "Although steering wheels and joysticks work well with Re-Volt, console-racing nostalgists will quickly conclude that a gamepad is the most effective controller. Unfortunately, given Re-Volt's addictive gameplay, this may portend the return from remission of thousands of cases of 'Nintendo thumb.'"[66] Brad Cook of AllGame gave the same PC version three stars out of five, saying, "While Re-Volt is a beauty to look at, it will unfortunately tax any but the biggest and best PCs out there."[67] However, he gave the Dreamcast version two-and-a-half stars out of five, saying, "The developers at Acclaim Studios London probably thought they were on the right track when they decided to make the game adhere to the laws of physics in every mode of play, but they weren't. I would have preferred an Arcade mode that was just for fun and a simulation mode that required better attention to physics. If they could have set the game up that way, it probably could be on its way to classic status right now instead of bargain bin nominee."[68] Scott McCall gave the Nintendo 64 version two stars out of five, saying that it was "missing the most important ingredient of any game: fun. And let's see, the frame rate is terrible, the environments are too large for four measly cars, and pick-ups don't increase the intensity level. The search continues for a spiritual successor to R.C. Pro-Am. Avoid."[69] Christopher Michael Baker also gave the PlayStation version two stars, saying, "It's hard to think of nice things to say about Re-Volt, so I won't strain my brain. It might best be described in one word as revol... no, I won't subject you to that horrible pun. Just take my advice and spend your money on another game."[70]

Johnny B. of GameRevolution gave the PC version a B+, saying that it "may have tracks and cars that let you get more air and bounce basketballs, but underneath it's still just a fairly typical arcade racer."[76] Another author of the same website also gave the Dreamcast version a B+, saying that it was "definitely one of those games that racing fans need to pick up. Of course, its difficulty will have gamers with weak hearts running for the hills. But for those of you with the patience to learn, Re-Volt offers a thoroughly enjoyable experience."[77] Kevin Bowen of PlanetDreamcast gave the same Dreamcast version 8.5 out of 10, saying, "Sure, the Dreamcast already has a bunch of racing games, but Re-Volt is unquestionably unique. The difficulty level and somewhat spotty frame rate are really the only significant flaws. It's a solid game with a lot to offer, both in single and multiplayer modes, and in some ways [it] is even better than real R/C racing."[78]

The extensions, 3D assets and environments for the Racer RTX demo will be packaged together and available for download in the coming months, so owners of the GeForce RTX 4090 GPU can gear up to explore the environment.

From a conceptual standpoint, a video game where you race little RC-type cars around real-world environments works really well. The tricky part is making a game of this nature play well. And while Re-Volt Racing isn't a terrible example of an RC Racer, it's not stunning. On one hand, the real-world environments in RR are a blast. It's cool how you can drive around on neighborhood streets and in a closed museum, etc. On the other hand, the realistic RC car physics and control often make play time more tedious than anything else. Courses have tons of obstacles and corners to get caught up on, and dips and ramps that'll flip you on your back like an incapacitated turtle. Usually this sort of thing is welcome, but when you throw in confusing tracks that often double-back on themselves, you have the ingredients for some frustrating and confusing gameplay. Maybe RR is a little too real. Sure, you'll end up winning if you stick with it, but the annoyance level in the early stages of this game are much higher compared to other racers. Thing is, even with all of this, RR isn't a terrible game. Its graphics and frame-rate are decent (except the medium-res mode), and the multiplayer stuff is a lot of fun. Plus it has a cool track editor and lots of cars, tracks and other stuff to open up. It's slightly above-average.

From the whistle of a launching bottle rocket to the chittering of sprinklers on the lawn the effects in Re-Volt are very well done. The whine of the cars and squealing of the tires sound just like real RC racers. Add to the effects some fun music tracks and you have a mix that works.

Acclaim has a wacky game on its hands about remote-controlled cars that jump off the shelf and come to life. Re-Volt will feature 28 cars, 5 single-player options, 14 tracks, 7 worlds, and multiplayer modes galore. It'll also feature combat-intense racing in battle arenas with power-ups. Furthermore, there are several hidden features that can only be unlocked by taking certain actions while playing the game, thereby guaranteeing rewards at every twist and turn.

Re-Volt lets you guide one of 28 remote control cars through insane race tracks set in unusual environments. Since the cars are the size of real remote control vehicles, objects found around the track are bigger than life. Curbs become huge walls, toys are obstacles, and everything is fair game to drive on, through, or over. There are 13 different tracks spread throughout four Cups, including races set in museums, supermarkets, and settings which may look like your own neighborhood.

Edit car paramters Edit the "parameters.txt" file in any of the sub-directories below the "cars" directory. Change the top speed, acceleration, steering rate, wheel size, and other entries as desired. Backup files before trying this cheat, just in case.Cheat CodesEnter one of the following names at the name screen to activate the desired cheat. If desired, return to the name screen and enter the name of your choice.EffectCodeAll tracksTRACKERAll carsCARNIVALSmall carsDRINKMEIdentical cars in multi-player modeJOKERChange car in mid-raceCHANGELINGUFO vehicleURCOUnlocks weapons. Weapon select using [Right Shift]SADISTAlternate views (Press [F5] or [F6])TVTIMENo clipping (press[F6]) and flight mode (press [F6] twice)MAKEITGOOD


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