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[FSX] Flight Replicas Super Cub Crack

Flight Replicas Super Cub: A Review

The Super Cub is one of the most iconic and versatile aircraft in aviation history. It has been used for a variety of roles, from general aviation to bush flying, from glider towing to banner towing, and from military training to humanitarian missions. The Super Cub has a simple design, a powerful engine, and excellent handling characteristics that make it a joy to fly in any situation.

Download File:

Flight Replicas, a developer of high-quality add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX), has created a comprehensive package that includes 18 variants of the Super Cub, covering different models, configurations, and liveries. The package allows you to explore the full potential of this legendary aircraft, and experience its performance in different environments and scenarios.

Features and Details

The Flight Replicas Super Cub package includes the following features and details:

  • 18 different models, including standard variants, classic bush planes, extreme bush planes, and deluxe IFR amphibious.

  • Highly accurate flight dynamics, tested by real Super Cub pilots.

  • Realistic sounds, recorded from actual Super Cubs.

  • Detailed and functional 3D cockpits, with custom gauges and animations.

  • High-resolution textures and liveries, with bump and specular maps.

  • Custom effects, such as engine smoke, landing lights, and water spray.

  • Interactive checklists and kneeboard reference pages.

  • Two missions, one for float plane training and one for bush flying adventure.

Pros and Cons

The Flight Replicas Super Cub package is a must-have for any fan of the Super Cub or bush flying in general. The package offers a great variety of models and options, and each one is modeled with great attention to detail and realism. The flight dynamics are spot on, and the sounds are immersive. The package also includes some useful features, such as checklists, kneeboard pages, and missions, that enhance the simulation experience.

The only minor drawbacks of the package are the lack of documentation and support. The package does not include a manual or a tutorial, so you have to rely on the checklists and kneeboard pages to learn how to operate the different models. The developer's website also does not provide much information or assistance for the product. However, these issues are not major, and they do not detract from the overall quality of the package.


The Flight Replicas Super Cub package is a superb add-on for FSX that captures the essence and versatility of the Super Cub. It is a fun and challenging aircraft to fly in any situation, and it offers a lot of options and variety for different preferences and styles. The package is well worth the price, and it will provide you with many hours of enjoyment and satisfaction. If you are looking for a realistic and comprehensive simulation of the Super Cub, look no further than the Flight Replicas Super Cub package.

You can purchase the Flight Replicas Super Cub package from [Just Flight], [simMarket], or [Flight Replicas].


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